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If I need FR44 and move out of state, does the FR 44 go away after 3 even if I don't carry it in new state

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asked Apr 30, 2019 by anonymous

1 Answer

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The FR44 is only used in a few states. A similar document named SR22 is required in most states. The requirements for how to obtain and the duration the SR22 is required varies from state to state.
Typically the duration is 3 years, however in states like Alabama it can be up to 5 years, depending on the offense committed and the order of the court. The best way to find out your specific requirements is to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state you are planning to move to. Additionally, an SR22 insurance guide is available on the internet, click this link.

SR22 Insurance Guide

While the SR22 Insurance guide can be helpful and informative, it cannot be emphasized enough, you need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state you are moving to for accurate information about your specific case. Due to the fact, requirements can change depending on your past convictions. Contacting the Department of Motor vehicle in the state you are moving to before relocating is definitely recommended. Following the state guidelines and the order of the court will help in your transition to your new location.

answered May 2, 2019 by JDouglas (1,320)
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