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Car Insurance for a 16 Year Old
Trying to find good, cheap car insurance for a 16 year old is a daunting task. Because of their lack of driving experience, the new driver needs to have plenty of insurance, but because the risk of a claim is so high, insurance premiums for teens will always be much higher than for other age groups. Take heart, there is good affordable car insurance available, and you can even play an active role in keeping the costs lower in the future.
Driving Safety Tips for Seniors
As we get older, our reflexes and perceptions change, and that brings about changes in our driving habits as well. Small things which may seem inconsequential by themselves could be a group of symptoms that indicates problems with your driving. Be alert for changes in your driving behavior or that of aging loved ones, and get the attention necessary to correct any potential problems.
Adding a Friend to Your Car Insurance Policy - Weighing the Pros and Cons
Since the auto insurance industry operates on a model of assumed risk, your carrier is going to want to know who is driving your car. In fact, most companies want you to provide them with a listing of all the people that might drive your car at some point. That way they can assess how much of a risk those people are. Since having some kind of car insurance coverage is mandatory in most states, you will likely be supplying your own list of people that will be driving your car to your insurance company. For most people this will be a small list of family members, but you may have a need to add a friend to the policy at some point.
Determining Fault in a Multiple Car Accident
When you are involved in an accident that involves 3 or more vehicles, it might be confusing to determine who is at fault. In most states, there are simply rules in place to determine who is at fault, but it comes down to a simple problem of who caused the pileup to begin. Determining who is at fault is really a simple matter, even in a multi-car accident, and can be decided by asking all of the drivers involved one simple question.
Red Light Cameras and Car Insurance
Nobody likes those cameras that are mounted at highway exits and intersections, designed to catch speeders on film. But the fact is, they are virtually everywhere. These cameras are said to reduce accidents by giving people traffic tickets in their mailbox instead of being pulled over in dangerous traffic conditions. The theory behind these cameras is that they provide the benefit of reduced insurance costs because people will drive safer, knowing that these cameras can catch reckless drivers in the act. It has also been stated that these cameras save taxpayer money as well. All of these things have been said, but the truth is these statements are false.
Adding a Relative to Your Insurance Policy
Some types of insurance allow you to add close relatives, but others do not make such provisions, or have specific regulations that have to be adhered to. In the case of minor children, elderly or other dependents, most policies which allow such additions have clauses which explain who is eligible. Your policy is perhaps the best place to start looking for information about adding a family member, because most policies are very clear about what the coverage includes or who is excluded.
Pleasure Use Car Insurance
One way to lower the cost of insurance, if you own more than one vehicle, is to insure one of them as a pleasure use vehicle. To do so, the vehicle has to meet several qualifications, but the coverage for a pleasure use vehicle is only a portion of the coverage for a car that you will be using every day.
Car and Renters Insurance Discounts
One of the best ways to save money on insurance is to qualify for as many discounts as you can. For renters and car owners, these are many different discounts available, including multiple policy and customer loyalty discounts that come from using the same insurance company for more than one policy or keeping the policy through multiple renewals. Here are some of the most common discounts available for cars and renters, along with a brief description of what each one is for.
Cheaper Car Insurance for Teens by Completing Driver's Ed
Teen drivers are notoriously the most expensive drivers to insure. Because they have not had much experience driving, they are prone to mistakes, may not display good driving judgment, and generally present an increased for everyone on the roads with them. There are ways to reduce the risks and get lower car insurance quotes for teens; one of those methods is to take a drivers education course.
Fitch Insurance Company Ratings Explained
Fitch's financial sector ratings are performed by a staff of trained analysts who review each company on several factors including the ability to meet commitments such as interest and dividend payments, the company's ability to withstand a major surge in claims, and how well the company has performed economically. Ratings are performed regularly and may be adjusted any time there is any major financial activity with the company.


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