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Single Limit Car Insurance Guide
If you have ever heard of Single Limit Insurance or Combined Single Limit coverage you may wonder what this type of coverage is. The basic concept of SLI coverage is that you are covered for bodily injury and/or property damage claims up to the amount that your coverage is for. For example, if you had a $35,000 SLI or CSL policy, then your insurance company would pay for injuries or property damage up to that $35,000 limit. There would be no further coverage for the accident, unless you had another type of coverage that would pay for it.
Best Car Insurance Rates
Getting cheap car insurance means doing your homework and comparison shopping. You should compare rates before you buy a policy, but it is also important to review your policy frequently, because major life events will have an impact on your insurance that could mean lower rates. If you keep your agent up to date or compare quotes, you'll be more certain you're always getting the best car insurance rates.
Full Coverage Car Insurance
You may hear people mention full coverage car insurance, but may not exactly know what it is or what it covers. Full coverage refers to a group of policies tied together to cover most risks associated with your car. The actual definition and coverage will vary from state to state and between car insurance companies, but all full coverage car insurance policies will share certain basic traits.
Compare Car Insurance Quotes
The best way to find high quality, affordable car insurance is to compare car insurance quotes online. Car insurance policies differ from state to state and company to company, but you can narrow the choices down to the companies which have the most to offer you if you compare car insurance quotes before you make the purchase.
AARP Auto Insurance for Seniors
Auto insurance is necessary for everyone who drives a motorized vehicle, including seniors, but AARP can help retirees with getting the coverage they need at a price that fits a limited budget. The AARP auto insurance program is designed especially for AARP members and provides discounts for eligible applicants that you may not have known were even available. And because you need coverage you can depend on, AARP has teamed up with The Hartford Insurance Company, guaranteeing that your insurance is backed by a leader in the insurance field.
Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison
Car insurance is necessary and can be quite expensive even if you have a good driving record. To save money, many people are using online insurance quotes comparison sites like US Insurance Agents, looking at policies side by side and comparing different types of coverage and rates. It can be an inconvenience to shop around for auto insurance in person or visiting each insurance site separately while getting insurance quotes online is easy and allows you to speak with qualified agents who can provide you with multiple quotes.
Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

After a long wait, you finally have your driver's license in hand and you are ready to hit the road. But, there is one thing you need to do before you begin your adventures as a driver: get insurance. Depending on the carrier your parents use for their auto insurance, you may have already been added to their policy when you had a learner's permit. However, many insurance companies will not add a teenager to a policy until they have an actual driver's license. So for most teens, now is the time to get coverage.

How Your CLUE Insurance Report Can Affect Your Car Insurance Rates
Anytime you file a liability claim against an insurance policy, the activity is report to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, or CLUE. Your CLUE score is then accessed by insurance companies when you apply for new coverage or renewals, and your premiums will be based, in part, on the results of your CLUE score.
11 of the Most Unusual Things People Have Ever Insured
The purpose of insurance is to protect the owner of the policy from financial losses in the event that something happens to the property being insured. Because what makes a financial difference for person or company is not the same as it is for another, there is a long list of unusual things which have been insured to protect the interests of their owners. The 11 presented here are among the most unusual, but they are only the top of the list and there are thousands of such items insured right now, all over the world.
SR22 Insurance
An SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility is generally referred to as insurance, but it is actually a special document that is purchased from insurance companies and does not provide any insurance coverage at all. The form is a consequence of a serious traffic offense, such as a DUI or reckless driving charge. It can also be sentenced against you if you are convicted of driving without proof of insurance. If you have been instructed to purchases an SR-22, you have to keep it for the duration of the sentence, in addition to your regular car insurance.


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